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Android Apps

The following apps are available for Android.
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Bassoon App Home Page
bassoon screenshot 1
bassoon screenshot 2
bassoon screenshot 3
bassoon screenshot 4
bassoon screenshot 1

The Bassoon App makes it easy for anyone to look up bassoon fingerings at the touch of a finger. The application features a quick and easy to navigate interface. The fingerings are listed from high to low to make the notes easy to find. There is also search functionality to make it quick to find the exact fingering thats needed. Hover over any of the images to view a larger version.

You can download the application to your Android device by clicking on the following link:

Download from the Android Market

Currently we are developing a rapid development suite. The product will be accessible from any Html5 compatible web browser. Additionally the product will be cross platform compatible with a strong focus on mobile devices. Currently the prototype works on IE, FF, Safari, and Android. More browsers will be tested in the future. Feel free to try out our prototype training by navigating to the following link:

Rapid Development Prototype

Prototype Screenshot
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